Chievo vs Cagliari Football Prediction 5/12/2018

Chievo vs Cagliari Football Prediction of the Day

Chievo Verona’s Serie A team have had a lot of problems they are in the last position of Serie A and the situation is complicated. It complicated itself from the beginning with the deduction of points and then the results also have not been the best.

In the Italian Cup they have no great history and they have never won this competition.

With the current internal situation in Serie A, I do not see Chievo losing much of their focus on other competitions, although I believe they prepare this game with the ambition to win it.

They come from three consecutive draws, the last two with top teams. Draw in Naples to zero and then to 1 goal at home with Lázio. In the previous round they won 1-0.

The Cagliari team are in Serie A and aim to keep themselves in Serie A.

They are in 13th place in Serie A but have a good enough squad to guarantee the goal of staying in Serie A, although this team is a classic in the matches for permanence, always standing in the second half of the table.
Cagliari come from three consecutive draws, the last one at Frosinone’s home.

In this competition debuted well and managed to defeat Palermo 2-1 at home which is always a complicated team to beat.

It is possible that Cagliari will line up a mix of starters with less used players in this match.

Football Prediction Chievo vs Cagliari

This match should be balanced between two teams that claim to qualify but focus on the national championship in Serie A.

For this match I think we will have less than 1 goal at half-time.

I think that this is the best bet in the match since the game will start in a tactical way with the teams very embedded in each other and if there is not an early goal, I think the draw should drag on until the end of the first half.

However, this bet will prevent a goal and in this case this bet would be returned. I think that for the game characteristics of both teams and for being a game to eliminate, this bet has value.

Prediction Today: Under 1 HT goal
Odds: 1.60