Hamburg vs Paderborn Betting Prediction 7/12/2018

Hamburg vs Paderborn Today’s Football Prediction

Hamburg, German Bundesliga II with 31 points in 15 games Hamburg is a historic Bundesliga and Germany, but in recent years held mediocre championships and you could already guess the descent of division.

This year, things have changed and as you would expect, they are the strongest candidates to climb up and return to their place.

At home they have revealed some insecurity and have been away from home that have a phenomenal record. At home they only won 3 games in 8 games and that is little in a very level league as is this Bundesliga II.

Paderborn, the German team that occupies the 9th position of the Bundesliga II with 22 points in 15 games.

This team from Paderborn is in the middle of the table but in practice they are very close to the places that can give access to the Bundesliga since the punctual distance is not high.

They have been holding an acceptable championship. They are an offensive team, they score a lot, but they also suffer.
I do not think they have a team to climb, but they will hold a quiet championship, there are no big doubts left. Out of the house have not been bad.

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In this game I am with the home team that has to win and claim if as a great candidate to return to the Bundesliga winning this game.

Hamburg have the best team and the best squad of this league but at home they have lost the great majority of points.

At this moment the leadership is backed by an excellent course in the away games, but they know that at home they have to be safer and win more games.

In this game I hope Hamburg’s victory against an opponent who must play open field which can make things easier for Hamburg.

Prediction of the Day: Hamburg
Odds: 1.79