England vs USA Betting Tips 02/07/2019

England vs USA Football Betting Tips

The Final and the two English-speaking teams meet in this one which is the game that gives access to the Women’s World Cup Final.

A selection has to lose, and there are still two selections with only winning record.

England W: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

The English are unbeaten in this world championship but will in this game have a very capable opponent to challenge this.

Although in the Groups phase they faced Japan that was the vice-champion selection of the world, nothing compares with the form of the Americanas.

The English won the Group with 9 points in 3 games 5 goals scored and 1 conceded, against the Scottish, in a group that did well to position themselves.

In the phase to eliminate, stamped the passage for 3-0 to the Cameroon and the same did to the Nordic selection of Norway to which they applied the same plate 3 and in the phase to eliminate go without without conceding goals to face the Americanas.

United States W: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

The American team passed the group stage in a prestigious way, without conceding any goals, without giving chances to the most fragile teams was even criticized for having thrashed the Thai team for 13.

The American team trembled more in the phase to eliminate and had to sweat to eliminate Spain in a game that began to win but it consented the tie and the game was complicated passing happening.

They eliminated the French women who played at home and hoped to win the game, however Rapione had other intentions and made the two goals that left the American team closer to pass, and not a goal of the French to 81 made the American women lose focus .

Our Football Betting Tips England vs USA:

The American team has conceded goals in this phase to eliminate, however for me is the best selection of this championship, and will face a team that suffered only 1 goal in this World Cup.

England should not be able to keep the goal inviolate, however there is a side that has always conceded goals at this stage.

Betting Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.91