Team Secret vs Team Liquid Free Betting Tips

Team Secret vs Team Liquid Free Betting Tips

On Monday, we have the match Team Secret vs Team Liquid, from group B from Dota Pit. Secret made a sensation at the last two competitions in which he took part.

Team Secret

Team Secret took the place of VP, becoming the strongest team in a regular season, but which cannot impose itself on TI. Puppey and the boys took 4th place, after losing to Liquid (the current Nigma component), 2-0.
Then, Secret broke up with MidOne, who was replaced by MATUMBAMEN, who moved to the post. With this roster, Secret won Dreamleague 13, 3-2 in the final with EG.
After easily qualifying for ESL One Los Angeles, Secret surprisingly lost to WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon, 2-3 with Nigma, although they were 2-0. They also gave in to WeSave with Nigma! Charity Play, score 0-2.
They also won in group B from ESL One LA, the online version, but two painful defeats in the play-offs followed: 0-2 with OG, in the upper-bracket, and 0-2 with, in the lower-bracket .
They prevailed on WePlay! Pushka League, 3-0 in the final with VP.P. At the time of writing, Secret is also playing the latest act from Gamers without Borders, with Na’Vi. In the group from Dota Pit, Team Secret played only one match, 2-0 with VP.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid reorganized after TI9, breaking up with Kuro and the guys who were so successful under this emblem. Instead, they took over the roster that had been at Alliance, with some mixed results.
miCKe, qojqva, Boxi, Taiga and iNSaNiA make up a pretty good team, which always seems to get along wonderfully.
This is despite the fact that these boys took 4th place in Dreamleague 12, position 5-6 in Dreamleague 13, the same performance in Chengdu Major and again 4th place, this time in The Summit 12.
They did not qualify for ESL One Los Angeles, but they were lucky to pass the tournament online. But they finished the group on the 6th place and missed the presence in the play-off. They went to the lower-bracket final at WePlay! Pushka League, but they lost with VP.P, score 0-2, and finished on the 3rd position.
They have recorded a victory and a defeat so far in the group from Dota Pit. At Gamers without Borders, they lost from “quarters”, 0-2 with Alliance.

Team Secret vs Team Liquid Free Betting Tips

Most likely, Team Secret won easily with Na’Vi. I’m even convinced that they used experimental drafts. Last time, Secret and Liquid met in upper-bracket at Pushka League, and the champions won 2-0. Secret is from another league, he has no opponent in Europe at the moment. Even if Liquid also masters the current meta, I find myself having to rely on the excellent form of those from Secret. Our prediction will be under 2.5 maps, 1.55 odds.


Betting Tips: under 2.5 maps
Odds: 1.55

Betting Tips: Team Secret 2-0
Odds: 1.80