Red Star vs PSG Champions League 11/12/2018

Red Star vs PSG Champions League

The Red Star suffered a lot to be in this phase of the Champions League due to the demanding qualifications in which they had to apply in depth, mainly in the last Play Off before Salzburg.

In this group they hoped that if they finished with 6 games and 0 points and after 5 games have imagine if 4 points and with chances to stay in 3rd place and qualify for the Europa League.

It will be complicated and depend on third parties, but the fact is that they have that possibility at the entrance of the last day.

They are the best team in Serbia and in this group tied at home to zero with Naples and won 2-0 at Liverpool, which is to say that as a visiting, they have not yet lost at home.

The PSG team has very high ambitions in the Champions League and are a candidate for the title. They have a lot of quality and are the best teams of today.

PSG won the last French championships with great ease and this year they are back on track.
They have been managing the squad for the Champions League and although they are not yet qualified, they leave for this meeting only to depend on themselves.

PSG won Liverpool 2-1 on the final day and it was a very important victory. In case of victory in this meeting, they can even guarantee the 1st place of the group. Expect a strong PSG from the start of the match.

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In this match we have a PSG with much illusion to guarantee the qualification in the Champions as soon as possible and I expect a strong entrance of the French team.

They are well aware of the difficulties they will face in Serbia against a team that has stampeded footing in Naples and especially Liverpool.

In Paris, the PSG rolled out this Red Star team thrashing them without any problem. I see greater difficulties in this meeting where the PSG will come across a hostile environment, yet they are experienced and ready players, so I believe in a strong entry and a PSG victory just in the first half of the game.

Betting Tips: PSG HT
Odds: 1.50