Sweden vs Finland Betting Tips 8 January 2019

Today’s Football Tips Sweden vs Finland

Sweden is a team that has been growing slowly And that managed to make a presence in the World Cup when few would believe even in the Worlds the spaces have had well and I think they are one of the selections that can grow.

They suffered a little with the absence of Zlatan that was the great reference of the team, but Sweden continues to have good players and continue to have a good selection.

In this game it will be good to test new Swedish players as the Swedish championship is over and in that sense this friendly will be good for testing national championship players.

Finland is a national team that has not achieved great results in recent years and even in terms of players there are no big names to progress and grow in world football.

Finland and Finnish football have not been outstanding and so they try in this kind of friendly games, unveil new players that can be options, in the most concrete case, to qualify for the Euro that will start already in March and soon open in Italy in a game of great difficulty.

Best Bet of the Day Sweden vs Finland

Sweden has a stronger and more developed type of football than Finland. I believe that in this meeting they can win and add a victory.

The odds is good and I very much believe that the so-called new players want to show service and show that they can be a solution for qualifying the Euro.

It will be a game between Nordic teams, but I think Sweden has more weight and even playing young players from both sides and even though this is a typical game of training, I see Sweden come out as the winner of this meeting.

Bet Tips: Sweden
Odds: 1.74