The strangest bets in the history of the Game

The strangest bets in the history of the Game

The origin of the Game’s history goes back thousands of years. Along this long journey, there were incredible victories and intolerable defeats, spectacular frauds and unimaginable bets … This is the last point we are going to talk about now.

In 2004, a young English enthusiast named Ashley Revell decided to bet everything he had managed to save up to that point. His parents and friends tried to dissuade him, but he remained firm in his idea.

First, Ashley sold the smaller items – including clothes and shoes – then got rid of her television, bicycle, new music device, Rolex watch and BMW. Then he withdrew £ 10,000 from the bank and noticed that he had £ 135,000 in his hands.

When he collected that money, the British TV program “Dobro ou nada” offered him to become the hero of his Reality Show. Revell accepted and headed to Las Vegas with a racing heart …

He decided to play at the Hotel Plaza casino. Under the watchful eye of many video cameras, he exchanged his money for casino chips and headed for the roulette table. A casino employee hurried to inform him that

“If the ball has more than three turns and has not yet chosen the color, the bet will not count”. Ashley nodded, waited for the roulette wheel to start spinning, and heard himself shout “Bet on the red!”

Later he would confess that at that moment he felt as if the whole world had stopped. It seemed to him that the roulette wheel spun for so long that he could not describe it with words.

When the ball finally came to rest, everyone around the table started to applaud. Seven Red! Win! Win!

Ashley won $ 270,600. He spent the money creating his own online casino, traveling around Europe and on the motorcycle of his dreams!

Something similar happened to another man, William Lee Bergstrom, also known as “The Man with the Suitcase”.

In the eighties, William – who always loved the game – learned that Benny Bignon had established an interesting rule at the Horseshoe casino, according to which the first bet could be of any value, but with one condition: during the rest of the day that would be the maximum allowed limit.

In other words, a greater amount could not be bet. This caught the attention of Bergstrom, who decided to try it out. He drove to Horseshoe as soon as he got to Las Vegas. He carried a suitcase full of money in each hand.

Between the two, it had a total of $ 777,000. William waited for the money to be counted (it took a while) and made his decision. “I bet everything on the do not pass bar,” he said.
A few minutes later, Bergstrom was putting money in his bags again…

No normal man would risk that much again. But William was not a normal man, so he decided to do it again. This time he bet $ 590,000 on the Horseshoe. And luck rewarded its value!

Bergstrom bet a third time, $ 190,000, and a fourth, $ 90,000. Surprisingly, he also won these two times.

But the most incredible thing was his fifth attempt… William took his bags literally full of money to the casino. And decided to bet a million!

That was when he lost …

Bergstrom shot himself three months later.

They found his body in one of the rooms on the Las Vegas Strip.

It is not yet known whether what caused this tragedy was his last loss, because despite this, he won no less than $ 647,000 to the Horseshoe casino.

Another fantastic story took place in 1989, when a resident of Wales, of unknown name, came to a broker to place an innovative bet on four unusual events. These were:

• singer Cliff Richards will be named Knight,
• the U2 group will remain united,
• the Eastenders series will continue on the BBC,
• serei Vizinhos will continue on British TV.

The probability of hitting a bet like this was 1 in 6479. In other words, almost impossible … But the Welshman did !.

We don’t know how much the super-risky bet was, but in total you won £ 194,400