RB Leipzig – Schalke 04 LIVE STREAMING

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RB Leipzig – Schalke 04 – Another derby of this first round of Bundesliga, between teams that are at the very top of the table. Leipzig’s fifth and fall were in the finals of the first leg when they tied the four first-ever winning games. Schalke is the second with two points more than his host and a long team from Gelsenkirchen has not played a better first half of the season, and is still ending their line without defeat. Schalke also went to the quarter-finals of the Cup, from which Leipzig dropped out, but they will play the sixteen European Leagues. In the first part of the season, Schalke celebrated in the field with 2: 0

RB Leipzig
Not Leipzig managed to repeat what they did in the same period last season, but they did not even expect them because they had this time in the Champions League. They had a great desire to win the knockout stage in this competition, but they did not succeed and they had to meet the third place, and for the first time in history they will find themselves in the European League. They came out of the Cup, playing against Bayern, so it was not a surprise, while in the championships unplanned they lost some points, and especially badly played in the finish of the autumn part.
In the previous four rounds they had two rows and two defeats, one of which was catastrophic 4: 0 from Hoffenheim and the other home from Herthe in the last round. They kept in their ranks and tie Keito, although it was announced that they would leave, meaning that they were practically in the same form, and Halstenberg and Forsberg were injured.

Schalke 04
Long Schalke has not been so good in one season and as the fruit of these good games is another place from which they went on a winter break. Bayern is far away, but the title of the champions could not be expected objectively, so the title of the vice-champion would be a great achievement. It is awaiting them in the second part of the season for a difficult task to defend, because behind them teams of teams with only two points less, including Leipzig. By counting and the Cup, Schalke is in a row of 13 matches without defeat, counting the Cup in which they have reached the quarterfinals.
Only in the 11th-century championships they did not know about the defeat, and the last they have experienced in the end of September, while the last five rounds have been four times unsuccessful and Augsburg won. In the last round, they returned to Frankfurt after 2: 0 for the host, and the points came in the last seconds. They also have some reinforcements, and the most valuable midfielder is Juve, who will also be on the field.

RB Leipzig – Schalke 04 TIP
Leipzig did not play as they expected in the first part of the season and now they want to fix it from the first round of the sequel, however, Schalke is very good and very difficult to overcome, so we expect to regain both networks shaking.

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